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About us Achab Group is a national environmental communication network formed by companies and professionals. We deal with environmental communication and realize sustainability projects, addressing the issues related to ecology, the environment, the circular economy, the protection of the territory and its promotion.
Our topics We deal with communication and environmental sustainability on various topics, including: prevention of natural hazards, water cycle, citizen involvement, volunteering, land adoption, environmental sustainability, lifestyles and the 2030 agenda.
Our way of work We design information materials and we manage communication and participation processes, including the design concept, the definition of the subjects involved, the definition of strategic objectives, creativity, the activity of text copy and drafting, the planning of communication actions and any media plans, both traditional and through social networks, the physical production of materials, the creation of apps, sites and databases, the operational management of communication processes and measurement and verification of the effectiveness of actions taken.
Our experience Achab Group has been operating for over 20 years, has developed a specific expertise in the processes of citizen involvement, in environmental education projects, in the selection and training of groups of volunteers and in the activation of local land adoption processes. Thanks to the widespread presence on the Italian territory, to the integration between transversal skills and synergies with local realities, we are able to carry out environmental communication projects throughout the national territory, combining creativity, competence and passion.





The association ANBI Veneto brings togheter the 11 Land Reclamantion Cosortia operating in the Veneto Region on management of environment, land and irrigation water.
The Reclamation Consortia are public economic entity whose activities are focused on the constant maintenance of dewatering pump stations (400 in the Regione) and the hydraulic lattice (26.000 km, of which 8.000 km are for irrigation and 18.000 km are for mixed purposes: drainage and irrigation). These activities are prerequisites for the preservation of the socio-economic interests of the regione and environmental and hydrogeological safety.
ANBI Veneto also ensures the management and distribution of the water in 600.000 hectares of the Venetian countryside, in order to foster the efficiency of agriculture.
The association organizes many initiatives concerning environment and energy and promotes good practices concerning virtuous use of water.
Twitter: @AnbiVeneto
Instagram: AnbiVeneto






Initially focused on hydro-meteorological monitoring, CAE currently designs, produces, installs and maintains multi-hazard monitoring and early warning systems. Each system consists of specialized sensors, automatic monitoring stations to measure natural phenomena, related transmission network and central units, where users can monitor, store and process data to better support any decision making process.
CAE is market leader in Italy and Vietnam, while it operates as a major player in several other countries. The company employees 97 staff and it has provided more than 120 monitoring networks, including about 4.300 automatic stations and more than 10.000 sensors. Beside GPRS and satellite transmission technologies, most of these systems rely on solid and dedicated radio communication networks.
CAE technologies are mostly implemented by territorial agencies for flood and drought relief, but the application scope of these systems is now being expanded to a wider range of natural hazards. CAE systems and technologies contribute to monitor remotely and in real time: floods and flash-floods, droughts, storms, heat/cold waves, landslides, pollution of strategic water reservoirs, radioactivity, etc.
Thanks to robustness of components, expertise in project design, quality of installation, excellent remote and in-field maintenance programs and technical training, CAE turn-key systems ensure 100% data collection in real time. This is what makes CAE a reliable partner for local and national institutions involved in Civil Protection, regional agencies for environment prevention, river management authorities and big public companies.




CONIT is a consortium of 16 companies in the province of Trento dealing with IT, telematics, WEB, graphics, GIS, training, automation and technological services in general.
Companies that participate in ConIT have been providing technological services for hundreds of companies and public administrations for years. ConIT aims to address large and medium-sized companies, public administration and the research world, with particular regard to the regional territory but with the possibility of intervention even outside the borders of the region.
The primary objective of the ConIT is to allow companies, gathered in a consortium, to reach customers and markets that otherwise would not be approachable. When customers are too big, too far away, or the projects are too burdensome or too complex for the strength of a single company, the consortium can intervene with its own human, technological or financial resources. The consortium has its raison d'être also in other fields, for example to elaborate common commercial policies and to invest resources for technological growth.
Operational tools are not of secondary importance; from this point of view the companies of the ConIT have offices located throughout the Trento provincial territory: warehouses, vehicles, high-performance internet lines, numerous web servers, routers and a WebFarm with space for hundreds of servers with related security systems.




Tech Rain is an Italian company offering services and solutions in ICT Consulting and Business Advisory.
The knowledge of the most relevant reference markets (TELCO, MEDIA, PHARMA, FINANCE, SERVICE, ENERGY) combined with vertical expertise on various business and regulatory processes and with
technological innovation as an enabling factor characterizes our offer. 
Our skills grow through a continuous commitment on research and development. Dedicated Focus Groups constantly monitor emerging technological methodologies and trends, to identify the tools that allow us to design innovative solutions that offer our customers a real competitive advantage. 
The solutions we propose include decision-making tools to support environmental monitoring, energy provisioning planning and control of complex systems. 
An organization focused on practices and centers of expertise, flexible business models, proactivity and responsiveness in responding to market and technological changes that our customers face make us the ideal partners to support our customers' mission.




3rd International Conference
Citizen Observatories

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22-25 September 2020, Venice


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